What is mentoring?


And how can it help your child?

Mentoring is a process whereby a mentor spends time with a young learner, to help improve themselves and to help each young person see their value.

And with 10 years’ experience in mentoring, our non-judgemental approach is proven. It allows for young people to feel that in our presence they get a clean start with someone new.

We help them see the value in themselves and gain the necessary confidence to either go back to education, stay in education, or become employable through our mentoring programmes.

When they leave us, they are able to believe in themselves and adopt a set of positive real core values to reach their aspirations in a safe way.

The positive impact that can result is dramatic. We see them begin performing better at school, and around the home. They are open to learn new skills, develop their confidence, and make better decisions for their overall growth and development.

And that’s not all!

Many other benefits include satisfaction from seeing others develop around them. Being able to expand their generational and cultural perspectives. Continually strengthening and developing their values, control, and interpersonal skills. And continuing to experience new ideas, growth, and insights.

Young people are the future of any community, and we all want to feel we have a positive place in society. Iprovefit provide positive mentors and direction to young learners who may struggle with their difficulties, and with the barriers or obstacles they face.

With work with many types of young people, all facing different challenges. Some of the learners we work with may be at risk of being excluded from school, being involved in gang type cultures, criminal activity, or those refusing to attend school or education of some kind.

Key areas we mentor in:

  • Young People on the verge of being excluded, been excluded, or partially excluded.
  • Young People involved in anti-social behaviour – in school and within communities or the family.
  • Young People with mental health difficulties that affect their everyday life.
  • Young People at risk or involved with criminal activities and/or gang affiliation.
  • Young people with risk of or involved in exploitation.
  • Young People with barriers affecting normal daily life.
  • Young People with SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Young People with attendance concerns
  • Young people who struggle with cultural differences
  • Young People who are struggling with their identity

And many more!

The sessions we offer can vary and they are tailored to meet your individual requirements based on your situation.

As well as daytime appointments, we also offer twilight sessions as well as after school sessions. We also work over the half term holidays!

Click here to register your interest and one of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us 0333 023 2215 or send an email to info@iprovefit.com


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