We focus on six core areas to help our young people understand the basic principles of a balanced lifestyle whilst reinforcing the importance of valuing themselves and their respective futures.

We aim to build trusting relationships with them so that we can give guidance that will be wanted and respected and focus on lifestyle barriers and behaviour management.

This will enable them to re-engage in many aspects of their life, including education as well as to develop opportunities for their futures.

We believe change happens when they feel and recognise that it’s ok not to be perfect and situations may not be perfect but they can still make positive choices. Through this ethos we are able to encourage positive change where others may struggle to achieve this.

Our aim is to increase our young people’s self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. We empower them to become more motivated to achieve and become a better versions of themselves.

Our Vision is to help them find and see the value in themselves.

6 Core Areas of Learning