Academic Learning

Here at Iprovefit we deal with students of all academic levels including those who may have physical or learning difficulties.

We try to make academic learning fun, so most of our teaching is completed through games, sport and physical activities. Our teaching, information and guidance originates from our own personal life experiences and journeys.

We feel this helps to build strong relationships and connections between ourselves and the young people by keeping it real.

Academic learning enables individuals to become skilled at knowledge. Afterall, knowledge is power which then instils greatness. Learning is a discovery that brings hope and with greater academic success you can demonstrate more creativity and better problem solving.

Learning new knowledge can also lower depression and anxiety and surge young people’s feelings of self-worth and positive attitudes towards life.

As Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Our Mission

Young people are the future of any community and we all want to feel we have a positive place in society.

Iprovefit provide positive mentors and direction to learners and young people who may struggle with the difficulties that they may have gone through or are going through.

We aim to support mainstream academic provisions, local authorities or any alternative specialist provision with an early intervention tool, Iprovefit.

Through our work we can help prevent exclusions and keep learners or young people on a positive path to becoming happy, balanced, confident and positive members of the community as adults.

We can also get them back on track to seeing their potential if in alternative provision or struggling with access to education by being home-bound.