With our Young Learners in Mind

When we relocated in 2022, we had our headquarters purpose-built, with our young learners needs in mind.

Our mentoring services focus on six core areas to help our young people understand the basic principles of a balanced lifestyle whilst reinforcing the importance of valuing themselves and their respective futures.

Through this, we aim to build trusting relationships so that we can offer guidance that will be wanted and respected, focusing on lifestyle barriers and behaviour management.

To help us with this, we have 4 zones within Iprovefit HQ.

  • Gym Zone
  • Multi Activity Zone
  • Sensory Zone
  • Music Zone

Each zone has been carefully thought through and created keeping the needs of our learners at the forefront of the design process.

Here’s a little more about each zone, and how it’s used.

Gym Zone

The bespoke gym zone is an area where we can work on building physical fitness and raise awareness of how positive moving the body can be.

With an extensive range of gym equipment, we can create programmes to work on building physical fitness, whilst raising awareness of how positive moving the body can be.

Each programme is tailored to suit each of our young people and naturally we ensure they can use the equipment correctly with good form. Safety is paramount, so this structure allows them to stay safe within the gym environment at Iprovefit and at any other gym environments in the future.

We have often used this method to aid in a young person successfully and consistently attending a mainstream gym after we have worked on building confidence in our own gym (over 16’s).

Multi Activity Zone

At Iprovefit we promote physical fitness, exercise, activities, and interactive games as part of our programmes. We believe that movement and exercise is vital for young people, so when they join us, they will participate in fun physical activities, which can be challenging and enjoyable and set to both their needs and age.

We conduct an initial fitness evaluation with the young person to gauge their experience and ability to ensure that our approach is suitable for everyone.

We feel that completing exercise and physical activities gives the young people a real sense of pride and achievement of their time with us.

After all, the more we help the body physically, the more we help the mind.

Sensory Zone – Calming Space

As well as the physical zones, we also have a quiet, calming space.

Our sensory zone is a therapeutic calming zone that soothes and stimulates our young learners’ senses in a controlled manner. It is a safe space for our young people for relaxation, exploration, independence if needed, chill-out time and a quiet area.

This all helps to nurture a sense of self-confidence, imagination, and positivity.

Music Zone

Music offers many benefits and when mentoring we are aware that music is embedded in the culture of our society.

Our Music Zone is designed to engage our young people in a way that is positive. In our studio we have the ability to record vocals in our purpose-built vocal booth, play instruments and mix songs.

We also run programmes that revolve around a young person’s passion for music so that we can build on barriers and lifestyle whilst acknowledging that music is the most positive and effective way to engage with them.

The Iprovefit music programme is there to help children and young adults express their emotions and cohesively create and share collaborative working experience with experienced music mentors and production experts. Sharing favourite songs and understanding the methods used to create sound and the audio production.

As well as these zones, we have a large office for mentoring around a table which is used extensively.

If you have a child, or if you know someone with a child that could benefit from mentoring, why not get in touch?

Click here to register your interest and one of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us 0333 023 2215 or send an email to info@iprovefit.com


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