Iprovefit is a mentoring company that focuses on breaking barriers to learning – engaging with learners who may struggle in the mainstream environment and those outside of mainstream in alternative provisions.

We aim to build trusting relationships with learners so that we can give guidance that will be wanted and respected. Iprovefit aims to focus on lifestyle barriers and behaviour management.

Helping learners to understand the basic principle of a balanced lifestyle whilst reinforcing the importance of valuing yourself and your future.

Being mentors we aim to be positive examples of the lifestyle and respectability we aim to teach, so we minimise hypocrisy of the message we are trying to instil.

Based on the experiences and education of the directors (impoverished backgrounds, professional sports and competing at high levels consistently) we adopt a non-judgemental learner-focused approach, helping the learner feel they have a clean slate to begin on a positive journey with an Iprovefit mentor.

Jerel has been attending our school to lead anti-social behaviour interventions with students. Our students found him to be extremely approachable, the sessions were enjoyable, and our students really engaged.

If only we could run this out to all our students!

Corrine Hunter – LPA

We empower the learner to become more motivated to achieve and become better versions of themselves.

Our ability to relate to learners and empathise with their situations helps the learner feel we are with them and not talking from above and dictating.

We believe change happens when learners feel and recognise that it’s ok not to be perfect and situations may not be perfect but they can still make positive choices.

Through this ethos we are able to encourage positive change where others may struggle to achieve this.

Availble for Hire

All of our facilities are available for both private or corporate hire.

We have plenty of space which is ideal for private parties and social gatherings. For corporate customers, we can accomodate team-building activities, meetings and events.

For more information on what we can offer, and for pricing, please get in touch with us.