Zubyia Haider

My son is on the autistic spectrum, he was bullied in secondary school, he was left feeling very low he had lost trust in both adults and his peers. His self esteem was low, he lacked confidence, had no direction in life and at one point he was thinking about ending it all.

Academically we were struggling also. Three years ago he started college and we were introduced to Iprovefit.

Jerel and Danny have been a God send for us. Through their dedication, commitment, understanding and hard work they turned things around. They have been fantastic mentors supporting and ensuring all fears and struggles are overcome in all areas of his well-being, health and education.

The results are beyond expectation, we now have a very positive, confident, motivated young man who has achieved academically and knows what he wants out of life.

I am continually impressed with the result and would highly recommend Jerel and Danny to anyone.