Claire Purnell from IProvefit came into our lives from the start of January to the end of March, although this is a comparatively short amount of time, she made an exceptionally big impact to our lives in such a positive way.

Claire came to our aid at just the right time, I was in despair not knowing how to support my eldest son C to overcome his fear of his Dad from his poor anger management during visitations with him. C was quite frankly terrified of his father at that point, was struggling to go to school/concentrate and I had no idea how to mend their relationship.

From the moment I met Claire she was empathetic, understanding, sympathetic and made me feel listened to and supported. She kept me informed/updated throughout and always went above and beyond with everything that she did with C. C absolutely adored Claire, saying that she reminded him of me, he felt safe with her and that he could trust her.

Claire took the time to find things that interested C and even went on dog walks with him which is how she started repairing the relationship with his father. In just the short time that she spent with C he came on leaps and bounds with his Dad, seemed so much more happy/confident and started looking forward to school again.

I will forever be grateful for everything Claire did and highly recommend her services.