Hi, I would like to thank lprovefit, mostly Jerel on his determination to help my son. My son developed fear of going outside and was a server school refuser, which he is a shy boy but all impacted his confidence, self esteem and education.

With the 121 support K was regularly turning up to sessions and got into other forms of education before go to school and is doing so much better for himself.I feel the support that was needed at a crisis point and was not only good for my son but also myself with constant feedback and discussion working together.

My son is now able to communicate his feelings instead of being closed about how he feels and expresses himself in positive ways, which once was very angry and violent and shut himself off being very closed individual. He attends school and done so much better for himself.

I have my loving boy back and very talkative in a positive way, obviously we have moments like most families now, but life is much better for us all as a family and mostly K on having the confidence to mix again in school.

Thank you.