Oakhurst Primary School Teacher

We recommended from one of our classes for some sessions at Iiprovefit due to him struggling with anxiety and with a relationship breakdown with one of his parents.

Before iprovefit intervention, this child was visibly upset, often talking about being depressed, refusing to enter school, crying often and becoming withdrawn. After this child attended only a few iprovefit sessions, we noticed differences in his attitude and wellbeing in school.

He was happier arriving at school and was generally happier in himself. He absolutely loved his sessions, particularly with Claire, and really looked forward to them each week. We were especially surprised at how working with iprovefit sessions allowed him to talk about his relationship with a parent and supported him with beginning to build this relationship again, something that he was completely opposed to before starting these sessions.

The difference in this child’s mental health from beginning and ending iprovefit sessions was immeasurable. We did not foresee just how much the sessions would help him and were so pleased to see him grow in confidence, self-esteem, engagement with school and general happiness.

Thank you