Liz Galvin – Pastoral Lead and DDSL

We had Jerel visit us for the three weekly sessions and I thought they were very
formative for the children.

Jerel explored how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they felt unsafe on the streets. I particularly thought the way Jerel challenged their thinking was good and made the children really think about their choices when it came to being out alone and when there was a possible threat.

Some of the children were quite boisterous in saying flippant comments such as ‘I’d punch him’ but with Jerel’s approach of asking them why they felt this was the best option and what’s the worst that could happen in these scenarios, really helped unpick for the children their mindset and explore other options.

When Jerel recapped with them each week and at the end of the three weeks, they were able to show that they had taken a lot on board and explain what they had learnt.

The children enjoyed the sessions and I feel they gained some good knowledge from it.