Jerel Ifil



0333 023 2215

I was born in North West London. I grew up in a suburb called Willesden which did not have the best reputation. My Parents were hardworking and loving. They created a loving and respectful family atmosphere for myself, my brothers and sister.

This helped me to avoid opportunities to make the wrong choices. Even though I have made a few mistakes in life, the foundations within me have guided me to more positives than negatives.

I am a Christian and it is an important and vital part of my being. It helps me to value all around me as well as creating the foundations for why I believe family and support is important to an individual. I have been married to my wife Lorraine since 2006 and we have 2 lovely children.

I have seen first-hand the glamorous lifestyle! Trust me, it’s not all a bed of roses and suffers the same frailties as any other walk of life, just with the ability to mask it with a good performance. I myself believed you must be true to your beliefs and respect those who support and love you.