Jordan Wright



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As a young teenager, I lacked confidence in social situations and would tend to get a lot of anxiety around meeting new people. At the age of 18, I noticed that this was beginning to hold me back, and so decided to pursue a career in personal training as a means to get over my social anxiety.

I began as a personal trainer in 2016, and the social skills that I developed along the way have been a tremendous benefit to me. I found that being thrown in at the deep end, and needing to learn how to promote myself in order to sell my services was a fantastic way of forcing me to grow my character.

By the end of 2020 I had begun my first degree course in psychology with the Open University. I had also passed a Level 4 strength and conditioning course, as well as a Youth Coaching CPD, as I believe that continuing your education in your chosen occupation (especially as a personal trainer) is crucial when you are looking to progress in life.

Which is something that I look to instil in the learners that I work with now, as a mentor with Iprovefit.  I have had some fantastic mentors over the past few years, many of whom I still work with now, whether that be in business, or martial arts, and I take great pride in being able to pass some of that inspiration and knowledge on to the young people that I work with.