Harry Hanks



0333 023 2215

I think of myself as a warm, fun, and curious person. I started my mentoring journey here at Iprovefit in July of 2023. Prior to that I have worked in fitness & leisure as a coach and trainer, education as a cover teacher and even spent time in security as a nightclub doorman.

I honestly believe that self-improvement leads to self-discovery, and by extension brings meaning into your life. This is what has led me to a life of training and studying. I am proud to say I now have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Strength & Conditioning and am at the end of a Master of Science Degree in Psychology.

I spend my time building my body through lifting weights, sharpening my techniques at Jiu Jitsu, or delving into conversations about psychology and philosophy. In addition to this, I am a keen wilderness adventurer and tabletop miniature painter. Lastly, aside from these hobbies that I enjoy, I love spending time with my friends and family, including my four cats and fiancé.