David O’Sullivan



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Coming from one of the world’s most populated cities taught me a lot. Our nature and our nurture makes us the people we are today, and there is always room for improvement, no matter what your age.

Having attended karate and kickboxing from a young age taught me discipline and perseverance. Having played football at academy level before a series of injuries taught me that life can not always work to plan, and you must learn to adapt to your circumstances and play the hand you are dealt.

Whilst committing myself to a successful career in both property and telecommunications I followed my passion for music and made strides in the industry by producing music, performing and writing my own songs, my own lyrics, beatboxing, and even attracting interest from record labels.

Once again, the universe rolled its dice, and situations beyond my control prevented me from following my dream of becoming a successful music artist. I then rediscovered my passion for health and fitness due to starting a young family and wanting the best for them. I decided to study as a naturopathic chef, become a personal trainer, qualify as an F.A. football coach – all whilst working a fulltime job to support my growing family so that I could pass my knowledge on to my children.

Perseverance, consistency, resilience and responsibility are key values for me amongst honesty, trust and balance.  I believe in fairness and equality for all, and that as members of the human race, we must invest in our youth and strive to build the best future we can for the young people of today, as they are the adults of tomorrow and must carry the torch for future generations.

Your spirit is your anchor, and your present is your vessel. To learn is to navigate, and our journey is more important than our destination.

If I were to describe myself in three words it would be: positive, inclusive and balanced.