Dan Moorman



0333 023 2215

Hi, I’m Dan. Working for Iprovefit is a privilege as I get to help students from all different kinds of backgrounds. Having had heart surgery 5 times this allows me to put myself in my students shoes and understand the difficulties they maybe facing in life.

I enjoy helping my students realise their own potential. Seeing a student with a negative mindset and over the course of time slowly seeing them improve mentally and physically as an individual is very fulfilling to me. I

am a very open minded person who enjoys listening to what my students have to say which certainly helps within my role as this allows to think outside the box and help students choose a different path in life. At Iprovefit we teach how being active and exercising is very important to our mental health and help our students understand the connection between them both.

Being a role model to the younger generation, someone they can look up to and trust is very important to me. Being able to make a difference to others lives through my experiences means everything to me.