Antonio Phillips


Senior Mentor

0333 023 2215

I’ve been working for the Iprovefit team for over two years and enjoy the sense of achievement I’ve gained through helping others finding their way in life, also giving them the support they might need.

Helping others to progress and make positive choices in life has always been a passion of mine. As a young child I grew up on a small island called St Helena, growing up in an island environment has always stuck with me and helped me to stay humble and be grateful for the opportunity that have come my way.

My life experiences have allowed me to relate especially to young teenagers and young adult from difficult backgrounds or challenging areas. Growing up in a challenging environment has allowed me to understand my students and the difficulties they might be facing.

As a teenager sports was always the foundation of my development. I have had the opportunity to play basketball at multiple different levels such as college basketball, WEBBA league, national league and attending training camps in France. Basketball specifically has allowed me to experience many opportunities from different perspective such as being a player, coaching/assisting coach’s and travelling.

I always let my students know that regardless of your upbringing or any challenges you might face or are facing in life, we start from a clean slate. I’m willing to guide them step by step, creating the building blocks to achieving their full potential.