Danny Greenfield



0333 023 2215

Born in the Western part of Africa (Nigeria) with no siblings. There were many barriers in my childhood growing up, which made things difficult in terms of having a good, balanced lifestyle.

Learning to adapt was key, as there were few career opportunities or supportive welfare. However, I was thankful and blessed by my family and good friends, who taught me the things of which we all need in life. A positive character was one of the main focuses my family made sure I cherished; learning to stay disciplined and to respect all beings by being helpful and showing good manners anywhere I go.

In 2001 I moved to Swindon in the UK. I was to start my new journey in life with my family. This was a new experience of which I had never encountered. I was to make new friends, have a good education and then a career. I was nervous but keen to embark on my future in England. I attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School and also went on to attend New College.

My aim in the future is to help install positivity in people’s lives, as I have experienced some of the barriers that exist in today’s society. I want to add a Positive leaf to people by helping them reach their full potential and goals in Life.