We believe that physical fitness is vital for young men and women. When the young people join us, they will partake in a fun fitness program, which is challenging yet enjoyable.We can carry out an initial fitness test and another at the end of the course to show the young people just how far they’ve come if appropriate. We feel that completing the fitness program gives the young people a real sense of pride and achievement. The more we help the body physically, the more help the mind.

Physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to our brains in turn increasing the number of endorphins produced, our natural “feel-good” chemical in our brain.Physical exercise is great for the body but equally effective with dealing with depression, stress, anxiety and more. Regular exercise can have an amazing impact on depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD and more. It can also improve memory, aid better sleep and boost your overall mood.Exercise can provide you with an enormous sense of well-being. You can feel more energetic throughout the day and improve your memory. It can be a powerful tool.