As a mother of a son raised by an abusive father both to myself and him it was such a relief to leave and enter a refuge, however with this came many trials, one which was teaching my son respect, the right way to think and installing good moral values in him. I found him extremely challenging as he was rebelling against a restrictive life. We were offered iprovefit and he was paired up with Jerel to mentor him, within weeks he became more positive and was thinking in a much more positive manner. He changed his friendship circle and took the advice. Weekly he would look forward to the sessions and as time went on he became more responsive towards me started opening up and expressing emotion which had been repressed for years. Iprovefit offer a service which i believe is very beneficial and the mentors take time to learn the individual child’s interests and treat them all as individuals not just a case. My son has benefited immensely and also myself as on several occasions i myself have been relieved to have advice from the mentor and support in difficult situations that i would not have handled very well. His mentor also stood in several times acting as a safe advocate removing him from difficult unnecessary situations and acted on his and my behalf to avoid conflict. Iprovefit offer support guidance and a mentoring programme which i would recommend to anyone needing help with a child who needs help.


We recommended a child from my class for iprovefit sessions due to him struggling with anxiety and a relationship breakdown with one of his parents. Before iprovefit intervention, this child was visibly upset, often talking about being depressed, refusing to enter school, crying often and becoming withdrawn. After this child attended only a few iprovefit sessions, we noticed differences in his attitude and wellbeing in school. He was happier arriving at school and was generally happier in himself. He absolutely loved his sessions, particularly with Claire, and really looked forward to them each week. We were especially surprised at how working with iprovefit sessions allowed him to talk about his relationship with a parent and supported him with beginning to build this relationship again, something that he was completely opposed to before starting these sessions.
The difference in this child’s mental health from beginning and ending iprovefit sessions was immeasurable. We did not foresee just how much the sessions would help him and were so pleased to see him grow in confidence, self-esteem, engagement with school and general happiness. Thank you!

Oakhurst Primary School Teacher

Danny is a brilliant worker he tries his very best with pushing T to engage and work out. T does enjoy talking to Danny most of the time and enjoys the expensive bottles of water and energy bars Danny sometimes buys him. Thanks for you support Danny


Hi Jerel, It’s good to hear from you. AAK is doing really well. He hasn’t been excluded and he’s avoided detentions and serious incidents. He still messes around with his friends, but now responds positively when a teacher tells him to stop, and he’s better equipped to regulate his emotions. He still really struggles with going from break time to lesson time and calming down for the lesson, but he’s getting there!
Thanks, Josh

Joshua Coulson (LPA Staff)

I can say, without hesitation, that the time that C spent with yourself and the team dramatically improved his overall confidence and outlook on life. Such changes were noticeable in a short space of time and only improved over the duration.  From my perspective I felt that C was guided through his own personal journey that not only reassured him of his own feelings but challenged his perceptions of what they were and where they came from.  I say this based on my interactions with the team and the changes I saw in C's behaviour, his attitude, and the way he spoke about things.  The sessions proved to be one of the most important and influential parts in re-establishing a family bond.


As a school, we have been thrilled with the service provided by Iprovefit.  The impact on both families who have been in receipt of this support has been outstanding to the point where we will be closing both Early Help Records.  Claire & other Iprovefit mentors have been really supportive and flexible with the way they work and has not only provided support for the children but for the families too.  This has been invaluable.  Both children are now happily attending school and accessing their learning.  All I can say is it has been life changing for the children and their families. I hope the quality of this service continues.  Thank you for all your support!”

Laura Manchester – Sendco – Oakhurst Primary

Hi, I would like to thank lprovefit, mostly Jerel on his determination to help my son. My son developed fear of going outside and was a server school refuser, which he is a shy boy but all impacted his confidence, self esteem and education.With the 121 support K was regularly turning up to sessions and got into other forms of education before go to school and is doing so much better for himself.I feel the support that was needed at a crisis point and was not only good for my son but also myself with constant feedback and discussion working together. My son is now able to communicate his feelings instead of being closed about how he feels and expresses himself in positive ways, which once was very angry and violent and shut himself off being very closed individual. He attends school and done so much better for himself. I have my loving boy back and very talkative in a positive way, obviously we have moments like most families now, but life is much better for us all as a family and mostly K on having the confidence to mix again in school. Thank you.


Six out of the seven pupils referred are in year 6 transition to secondary school, with the other pupil transitioning back into a mainstream setting soon.  All seven pupils have had previous Social Care Involvement. Six out of the seven pupils have several ACES. Two out of the seven referred were not attending school due to the effects of a long period of lockdown, both pupils are now attending fulltime and are very settled and engaged in class.
There were several similar outcomes required for all pupils including :-
• Forming a positive relationship with an adult outside the home and school environment
• Take part in activities to build self-esteem and self-worth
• Build resilience through feeling safe enough to make a mistake and manage the emotional impact
From the conversations with mentors, and the monthly feedback sheets, we can see that the pupils formed good, healthy relationships with their mentors and experienced positive closure at the end of their programme.  Several of the children told us they were sad at the end of the programme and both staff and pupils were surprised how quickly time went by. Mentors and pupils talked about the ‘fun and laughter’ they experienced during sessions and for at least two of the pupils, their feelings of isolation from their community were decreased, allowing the pupils to experience a safe space away from home and school.  For many of our pupils, this is missing in their life experience. Our recording in school shows a decrease in emotional dysregulation among six out of the seven pupils, with the other pupil experiencing a move from the area and our school, carer’s planned marriage and unplanned school engagement.  We believe this had a major impact on his emotional regulation.

Feedback from Nylands School

Claire Penell from IProvefit came into our lives from the start of January to the end of March, although this is a comparatively short amount of time, she made an exceptionally big impact to our lives in such a positive way. Claire came to our aid at just the right time, I was in despair not knowing how to support my eldest son C to overcome his fear of his Dad from his poor anger management during visitations with him. C was quite frankly terrified of his father at that point, was struggling to go to school/concentrate and I had no idea how to mend their relationship. From the moment I met Claire she was empathetic, understanding, sympathetic and made me feel listened to and supported. She kept me informed/updated throughout and always went above and beyond with everything that she did with C. C absolutely adored Claire, saying that she reminded him of me, he felt safe with her and that he could trust her. Claire took the time to find things that interested C and even went on dog walks with him which is how she started repairing the relationship with his father. In just the short time that she spent with C he came on leaps and bounds with his Dad, seemed so much more happy/confident and started looking forward to school again.
I will forever be grateful for everything Claire did and highly recommend her services.


My son is on the autistic spectrum, he was bullied in secondary school, he was left feeling very low he had lost trust in both adults and his peers. His self esteem was low, he lacked confidence, had no direction in life and at one point he was thinking about ending it all. Academically we were struggling also. Three years ago he started college and we were introduced to IPROVEFIT!!!
Jerel and Danny have been a God send for us. Through their dedication, commitment, understanding and hard work they turned things around. They have been fantastic mentors supporting and ensuring all fears and struggles are overcome in all areas of his well-being, health and education.
The results are beyond expectation, we now have a very positive, confident, motivated young man who has achieved academically and knows what he wants out of life.
I am continually impressed with the result and would highly recommend Jerel and Danny to anyone.

Zubyia Haider

Dedicated professionals who enthuse and practice their beliefs and instill their dedication into all whom train with them.

James Cheriton, XLR8 Swindon College

An organisation that is willing to listen to the needs of vulnerable and challenging young people, they work in effective partnerships to promote health, fitness, well-being and direction in life.

Dr GED Lombard, C. Psychologist AFB’PsS, CSci, Consultant Chartered Psychologist.

Iprovefit has helped out students by offering support through sports activities, to help overcome and aid any difficulties they have either academically or emotionally.

Kim Peniston – Transition Support Worker, Swindon College

Danny is motivated and dedicated in supporting young people to reach their full potential. The work he carries out gives vulnerable young people a self-esteem boost, in a way they may not have experienced before. By focusing on working with the body the young person can develop their own individualised goals which Danny can support them with alongside addressing their social and emotional needs. Young people respond in an exceptionally positive way to Danny as a successful, consistent male role model. Having seen the transformative work Danny and his team do I would highly recommend Iprovefit to work with young people on both a mentoring basis and with groups.

Kate Macdonald – Student Experience Manager, Swindon College.

I run a course aimed at NEET 16-18 year old young people. Some of the learners have a history of struggling with Education. Some have behavioural problems. Some are anxious. Some are over confident. Some lack motivation. Some are all of the above. Some are none of the above. All respond positively to Danny and Jerel.
Danny and Jerel are able to both connect with and motivate my students. They challenge inappropriate behaviour whilst maintaining a positive learning experience. Outside of delivering classes Danny and Jerel continue to exert a positive influence. On many an occasion I have included Danny or Jerel in a meeting with a young person because of the impact they have. Students are encouraged, pushed and inspired because of all Danny and Jerel bring.

James Garrett – XLR8 Co-ordinator, Swindon College.

We definitely need you here! Ben Slater, the Head, is very pleased with your service and wants to continue to build on the work started.

Anne G Stratton (SEC)

No idea where to start from ermm I’ve had a lot of support through my life but Danny and Jerel are the only ones that can relate to and understand the situations that I get myself into, before Iprovefit I lacked motivation to do anything I didn’t really care about my future or see where I was doing things wrong they guided me not my telling me to stop but showing me there’s more to life Than taking drugs partying and doing nothing, since I’ve been with them I’ve stopped taking drugs I’ve learnt how to budget my money Learnt how to keep a clean house, take care of my nutrition seeing them everyday keeps me active and gives me something to look forward to they’ve helped so much.

Young adult (ASD)

Thank you for all your hard work this term, hope you have a relaxing Christmas break – you definitely deserve it!

Tracy F (STS)

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