Meet the Team

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Danny L Greenfield

Born in the Western part of Africa (Nigeria) with no siblings. There were many barriers in my childhood growing up, which made things difficult in terms of having a good, balanced lifestyle. Learning to adapt was key, as there were few career opportunities or supportive welfare. However, I was thankful and blessed by my family and good friends, who taught me the things of which we all need in life. A positive character was one of the main focuses my family made sure I cherished; learning to stay disciplined and to respect all beings by being helpful and showing good manners anywhere I go.
In 2001 I moved to Swindon in the UK. I was to start my new journey in life with my family. This was a new experience of which I had never encountered. I was to make new friends, have a good education and then a career. I was nervous but keen to embark on my future in England. I attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School and also went on to attend New College.
My aim in the future is to help install positivity in people’s lives, as I have experienced some of the barriers that exist in today’s society.I want to add a Positive leaf to people by helping them reach their full potential and goals in Life.

Jerel Ifil

I was born in North West London. I grew up in a suburb called Willesden which did not have the best reputation. My Parents were hardworking and loving. They created a loving and respectful family atmosphere for myself, my brothers and sister. This helped me to avoid opportunities to make the wrong choices. Even though I have made a few mistakes in life, the foundations within me have guided me to more positives than negatives.
I am a Christian and it is an important and vital part of my being. It helps me to value all around me as well as creating the foundations for why I believe family and support is important to an individual.I have been married to my wife Lorraine since 2006 and we have 2 lovely children.
I have seen first-hand the glamorous lifestyle! Trust me, it’s not all a bed of roses and suffers the same frailties as any other walk of life, just with the ability to mask it with a good performance. I myself believed you must be true to your beliefs and respect those who support and love you.

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Claire Purnell
Business Development

I have worked with young children and adults for over 20 years now with autism, social, emotional and mental health difficulties in a variety of settings within the community and within Education establishments in roles as a College Lecturer, Curriculum Manager, Fitness Instructor, Pastoral Student Manager, Assistant Psychologist and Education Manager.
I used to be a competitive swimmer for nearly 10 years and competed in many National competitions and also in the Barcelona Olympic Games Trials. My favourite stroke was backstroke. I used to train every morning from 5am before school then 2 hrs most evenings with competitions most weekends, hard work and dedication juggling it all. I got to travel around the world with it and learnt how to apply discipline, hard work and time management.
I trained as a Sports Therapist when I was younger and also became a College Lecturer/Manager. I completed my degree in Education and completed a Post-Grad Cert in Psychological Therapies (CBT) at Reading University which then gave me more insight into mental health conditions and how best to support, coach and guide individuals through them.
I am fun, reliable, compassionate, a good listener, with a solutions-focused approach to my work and sound knowledge in special educational needs, using team management experience, conflict management, mentoring and coaching using motivational interviewing skills to my daily job.
I enjoy running, going to the gym, socialising and spending time with my family.

Sarah Williams

My name is Sarah, and I am a qualified fitness instructor, as well as PT, but specialise in teaching Zumba and Zumba gold to adults and children with disabilities. My interest in this area came about after growing up with my brother who has various physical and mental needs. That, along with challenges that I faced in childhood means I can connect with most young adults and children that are encountering various barriers to learning and personal development.

Image of Coach
Image of Coach
Louis Gregory

My name is Louis. I grew up in Swindon and I’m 22 years old. My main interest is football, the gym and getting to know new people through sport. I came through the Swindon Town Football Academy then moved on to sign a 3 year professional football contract at Forest Green Rovers at 17 and I’m currently playing in the conference south. Alongside IproveFit, I also coach in a boys full time football academy and help run a woman’s football team. Previously I've worked at St Luke’s school, which is a special educational needs school, using sport to work alongside their social, emotional and mental health needs.

Antonio Phillips

I’ve been working for the Iprovefit team for over two years and enjoy the sense of achievement I’ve gained through helping others finding their way in life, also giving them the support they might need. Helping others to progress and make positive choices in life has always been a passion of mine. As a young child I grew up on a small island called St Helena, growing up in an island environment has always stuck with me and helped me to stay humble and be grateful for the opportunity that have come my way. My life experiences have allowed me to relate especially to young teenagers and young adult from difficult backgrounds or challenging areas. Growing up in a challenging environment has allowed me to understand my students and the difficulties they might be facing. As a teenager sports was always the foundation of my development. I have had the opportunity to play basketball at multiple different levels such as college basketball, WEBBA league, national league and attending training camps in France. Basketball specifically has allowed me to experience many opportunities from different perspective such as being a player, coaching/assisting coach’s and travelling. I always let my students know that regardless of your upbringing or any challenges you might face or are facing in life, we start from a clean slate. I’m willing to guide them step by step, creating the building blocks to achieving their full potential.

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Image of Coach
Dan Moorman

Hi, I'm Dan. Working for Iprovefit is a privilege as I get to help students from all different kinds of backgrounds. Having had heart surgery 4 times this allows me to put myself in my students shoes and understand the difficulties they maybe facing in life. I enjoy helping my students realise their own potential. Seeing a student with a negative mindset and over the course of time slowly seeing them improve mentally and physically as an individual is very fulfilling to me. I am a very open minded person who enjoys listening to what my students have to say which certainly helps within my role as this allows to think outside the box and help students choose a different path in life. At Iprovefit we teach how being active and exercising is very important to our mental health and help our students understand the connection between them both. Being a role model to the younger generation, someone they can look up to and trust is very important to me. Being able to make a difference to others lives through my experiences means everything to me.