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Jerel Ifil

I was born in North West London. I grew up in a suburb called Willesden which did not have the best reputation.My Parents were hardworking and loving. They created a loving and respectful family atmosphere for myself, my brothers and sister. This helped me to avoid opportunities to make the wrong choices. Even though I have made a few mistakes in life, the foundations within me have guided me to more positives than negatives.

Having been told I would never make it as a footballer!!! I have always believed it doesn’t matter what label people put on you. You as a person can create your own label. I sacrificed late nights and messing around with mates to follow my ambitions. Hard work, belief and a little luck can push you anywhere in life but as an individual you must be ready for opportunities when they arise.

I have seen first-hand the glamorous lifestyle! Trust me, it’s not all a bed of roses and suffers the same frailties as any other walk of life, just with the ability to mask it with a good performance. I myself believed you must be true to your beliefs and respect those who support and love you.

I am a Christian and it is an important and vital part of my being. It helps me to value all around me as well as creating the foundations for why I believe family and support is important to an individual.I have been married to my wife Lorraine since 2006 and we have 2 lovely children.

Having found myself jobless in 2011 with a family to support, I qualified to become a Personal trainer. This is when Danny approached me to become a partner in Iprovefit to help mentor disadvantaged young adults. He knew family and the youth of today were something I felt passionately about; so after a few weeks we joined up to create Iprovefit Ltd.

I have had a long and successful career as a professional footballer playing in the championship with Watford F.C, league 1 with Swindon Town F.C and in the Scottish premier league with Aberdeen F.C playing almost 300 career games. That journey in my life is almost over, so now my focus is trying to guide young adults with any issues, whether it be ASD or just needing help with discipline and structure, to achieve what others may think is impossible.

It is becoming more apparent that some young adults are missing the guidance and mentoring of reliable adults or role models in their lives. We aim to bridge the gap and mentor young adults from all backgrounds and various mental social behavioural difficulties ( including ASD, ADHD & ODD)

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