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Danny L Greenfield

Born in the Western part of Africa (Nigeria) with no siblings. There were many barriers in my childhood growing up, which made things difficult in terms of having a good, balanced lifestyle. Learning to adapt was key, as there were few options in career opportunities and good supportive Welfare. However, I was thankful and blessed by my family and good friends, who taught me the things of which we all need in life. A positive character was one of the main focuses my family made sure I cherished; learning to stay disciplined and to respect all beings by being helpful and showing good manners anywhere I go.

They also taught me good family values and about having the determination to strive for a positive and better way of living. I’ve always been a very confident and practical person, always looking to learn more and achieve better in life. I grew up with some friends that came from some of the most deprived places in West Africa (Nigeria). Even though our lifestyles were not luxurious, we were still happy and grateful for what we had. This ensured positive relationships and trust for one another.

In 2001 I moved to Swindon in the UK. I was to start my new journey in life with my family. This was a new experience of which I had never encountered. I was to start a new experience with new friends, education and career. I was nervous but keen to embark on my future in England. I attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School and also went on to attend New College.

I was very much involved in sports and recreational activities. In my spare time I would get together with friends to play sports and create music. I love music, it’s a passion and hobby of mine. After I left College I tried looking for a job but it was difficult to find something stable. Influences around me made me make some wrong choices which I was not proud of. This lead to bad habits such as going out until late, not exercising or training like I used to. After going through a few personal issues, there was a breakthrough. I was offered a 6 month work apprenticeship for Leisure in the Swindon Borough through the Job Centre. I knew I had to make the most of this opportunity. Within the apprenticeship period, I was able to achieve four Qualifications including a Personal Training Diploma. I was then taken on as an Exercise Referral and Disability Coach in the Borough, working closely with NHS patients and the Change for Life team. Within my 4 years with the Borough, I decided to do a BSc in Sports Coaching at the University of Gloucestershire.

In April 2012, I Founded IPROVEFIT Ltd to help youths and young adults in breaking barriers to learning. I went into partnership with my long term friend Jerel Ifil and we became a Limited company.

My aim in the future is to help install positivity in people’s lives, as I have experienced some of the barriers that exist in today’s society.I want to add a Positive leaf to people by helping them reach their full potential and goals in Life.

Danny Greenfield wins 3rd place in Mr Africa tournament in London

It is becoming more apparent that some young adults are missing the guidance and mentoring of reliable adults or role models in their lives. We aim to bridge the gap and mentor young adults from all backgrounds and various mental social behavioural difficulties ( including ASD, ADHD & ODD)

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