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We are well aware that in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of young adults lacking the guidance of reliable adults or role models in their lives. In most cases this leads to some unfortunate circumstances occurring so early on in their lives.We aim to help young adults through any problem or situation that they may find themselves in, this could include improving health, fitness, academic or behaviour issues. Using our knowledge and training in health, fitness and psychology, we look to build structure and discipline in our students’ lives. We have a close working relationship with colleges, social services as well as other companies designed to improve the lives of young people.Most of our advice, teaching and guidance comes from our own life experiences although, we do hold a number of various qualifications; meaning we can adapt to each individual’s needs and situation.

We believe that a positive role model is essential to all young men and women as they grow into adults. We aim to bridge the gap for those who do not have this at their disposal and relate to them using our life experiences and skills we have acquired academically.Our goal is to get each young adult ready for college, work or adult life in general. We regularly deal with students of all academic abilities, including those with learning difficulties and physical difficulties. Each member of our team holds an enhanced CRB certificate and have partook in safeguard courses.

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It is becoming more apparent that some young adults are missing the guidance and mentoring of reliable adults or role models in their lives. We aim to bridge the gap and mentor young adults from all backgrounds and various mental social behavioural difficulties ( including ASD, ADHD & ODD)

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